We met in 2009, in a tango class. Since then, we are dedicated to build our tango journey together as dancers, teachers and milonga organizers. In 2010, we founded our own school: Abrazando Tangos, a place to embrace and enjoy tango and friends, this time together have left us with good memories.

We have danced and performed in several important dance halls in Buenos Aires, such as: La Ideal, Canning, Yira Yira, Gricel, Malcolm amongst others. Also in such places as in universities, cultural centers, schools, special events, restaurants, dance schools, academies in Argentina and other countries. We have toured several times in other countries: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Holland, Turkey and Switzerland. We were crowned champions in the first National Festival Anibal Troilo in 2014, held in Buenos Aires and we reached the finals in the city of Buenos Aires Tango Championship in 2013 and 2014 and in Vals in 2015.


Her first contact with art was when she was 7 years old, in the Vocational Institute of Art (IVA) where she took theater, body expression, folklore amongst others. She also did a few years of artistic gymnastic. She discovered tango at the age of 19 and since then has not stopped learning from different academies and numerous prestigious teachers. She obtained a degree in Folklore with a minor in Tango from the Instituto Nacional Universitario del Arte (IUNA). She graduated from the Fundación Julio Bocca as a producer of stage arts and also studied classical dance. She is as well a yoga and Pilates instructor.


He started his artistic career by studying music and playing the guitar. In the conservatory, when he was 18 years old, he discovered tango and went to a cultural center in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Pompeya to learn it.

What started as a hobby soon became a professional career. The great passion that the dance brings and the possibility of meeting other people, combined with the social aspects of the tango culture demanded dedication, work and professionalism.

His dedication and knowledge make him a teacher and he worked until 2010 at one of the cultural centers that saw his tango beginnings.

He completed his formal education at the IUNA and was part of their ensemble from 2010 until 2013 which was directed by the prominent choreographer Leonardo Cuello. At the same time he was studying music in the Conservatory of the City. He participated in prestigious festivals (Cambalache, International Tango Festival and World Cup) and he has performed in the most distinguished theaters and milongas of the City and Province of Buenos Aires.